I can't post a collab from the web client and I don't have a decent phone atm, anyways, this is an idea, tell me if you have any improvements or if you know of an implementation or would be interested in creating one.

A social network comment system that connects people across fields of interest and aids keeping relevant posts alive for a long time.

The basic principle is this: Every post may identify itself as a child to any number of other posts, or sections in other posts, which then act much like a bidirectional hyperlink between parent and child.
This leads to two unusual results:
1. that comments aren’t only added to posts, but specific paragraphs, sentences or even words.
2. that any comment may receive comments in much the same way the original post did, making comments identical to posts. (they could have their own pages and all).
This is in many ways like Reddit's infinite comment chains. The main difference is that here comments aren’t organized in trees but graphs, which makes it possible to connect related conversations from entirely different groups and times, resulting in a much more open yet concise discourse style with an increased persistence of topics.

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