Hello Devrant! It’s ya boi!

Update. Currently back in school in the Netherlands. Studying law and technology. Yeet.

But yeahhhh so stressed omfg. Finals already in October. This school is a mess.

And I’m the middle of that my thesis got rejected so here I am. Crying. Asking y’all for ideas. Anything you can think of please say.

It’s gotta be tech but a legal question. Ethical is fine too tbh. So if there is anything you’ve wondered or think is of please tell me the question. 😭

all I’ll say is that the last one they said was too vague and not specific enough. And ideally it should be AI or data science but anything tech would do.

Not sure if this is the place to ask but thank youuu.

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    Oracle vs Google
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    The legal exposure of AI systems programmed using hypertext machine learning.
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    @Demolishun okay that sounds like the perfect amount of convoluted confusing thing they won’t understand that I need.

    Can you elaborate? What do you mean legal exposure etc?
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    @al-m hypertext machine learning is not considered Turing complete on its own. It usually is accompanied by other addons and outright hacks to make it work. One of those hacks claim just in time coding techniques. As if that makes it professional and safe. So one has to question if this is even safe to use such a system for programming AI that could control dangerous machines, much less something as innocuous displays (which it is used widely for). So the legal outlay could be significant if the misguided devs that use this technology continue down this slippery slope. IANAL, so you will have to research this topic to determine if this is worthy of a paper.
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    @al-m The ethical dilemma of autonomous vehicles.
    "Whom should the vehicle save – and whom should it harm – when an accident is unavoidable?"
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    I really hope im missing some joke with the boi and yeet crap
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    @torpkev not really, I hear it regularly in the netherlands andeverytime I see it I die on the inside
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    @Codex404 I wonder how many kids who play Minecraft will associate the Nether with Netherlands. HellLands.
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    @torpkev @Codex404 errr. What’s wrong with how I talk?
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