Plz help...

I’m a student and developer, working every night my butt off for the last 2 years, not going to sleep till 2,3,4,5am, and taking tablets to keep my brain running and not fall asleep. Getting clients and about to sell my programming company in 2 months...

My programming teacher teaches the class such basic shit, she explains the topic very well, but for me she’s explaining how to do 2+2... last time I starred of to the window and almost started crying...

I’m very passionate about programming, Work sucks cause I need to make secure smart systems with math that take forever, I want to at least enjoy it In class, but it’s torture, fucking torture...

What should I do?

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    You are successful enough to sell a programming company? Why are you going to school? Or why are you not taking classes that actually give you something you need?

    In college I didn't want to take the C++ class. I already knew how to program Pascal. I went and got a book on the subject (C++). Read it cover to cover. Then I requested to test out of the class. I got credit for the class and didn't have to pay for that class.
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    If you have enough knowledge, all programming classes suck.
    I studied nearly 4 semesters of CS, but did drop out because of math and now started trade school.
    During our CPP-classes I'm usually done within 10 minutes and try not to fall asleep during the other 80.
    I usually help one of the other students, read up on recent tech-news or updates on some of my favorite github repos or toy around with some language on repl.it.
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    @Demolishun I might actually do that...
    She's an old fashioned teacher, she says it is painful for her grade her students good scores when the student doesn't even show up to her class...
    I'll go to bed and consider this more...
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    @dovydasbere YMMV, I don't know if other schools allow you to do this. They may still want your money. But your time is more valuable anyway. Maybe she will give you a project or something where you can get real experience you can put on your resume. Sometimes teachers are doing work for other people as part of their job.
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    Bruh, we're on the same situation. Classes are too useless for me. One thing that I can suggest to you is don't let this demoralize you. You can manage that with abstracting yourself from this world during the class. Just think about what you're doing and your plans.
    I try this and it helps me to forget that I'm out of place in class. Otherwise it'll digest you and you will fell like shit after that fucking class. So, don't let it own you.
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    Bro, as someone else said, if you are successful enough to sell a company then you're pretty much there already. Many people go to school to get that foot in the door, seems that you went pass that with spades already.

    Find your priorities man, consider if you really want to finish school or not. I was in a similar situation, but in my case i just did it because i really wanted to have extra credentials in case i couldn't make it with my own company( which i never started ) but don't drag yourself down man. You obviously got the skills to pay the bills, find then if you really want that degree and why do you want it for.

    Sources: B.S in comp sci trying now to get my MSC and absolutely miserable :V
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