What the fuck my friend was telling me about a "awesome" website he found called codecadamy, as a developer I dunno what made him think I did not know how coding works, as I can already do it quite well, but I signed up non the less out of curiosity, immediately I am greeted with a "exclusive" premium offer, and after clicking away from it I find that litterly 90% of the courses are premium only, like wtf? I understand they need to make money, but at that point why make a free Version? I try one of the basics of web development ones, and find it so fucking full of bugs and paywalls that I can not focus on the actual coding. Sense I was fluent in the basic stuff (<h1>hello world</h1> I copied it, and it let me by, after more copying I FOUND A FUCKING BUG IN THERE CODE. I am 99% sure that all the success storys are fake, because the whole think is just one big paywall and inefficient tutorials that I think will only benefit people without knowledge of how to do Google search.

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    The people that find these places have enough experience to type "code beginner" into a search engine.
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    The first week they give you premium for free is prettt good as a beginmer because it gave me the motivation to blast through so many little courses on no sleep.
    I've been using Mimo on my phone as something to do while I poop, and have encountered alot of errors in that, even making correct answers come up as incorrect.
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    I remember ages ago codecademy *was* entirely free, there wasn't a premium section, at that point in time it was pretty good for those who were just starting out / covering basic programming at school (this was at least 6 years ago mind you). It's sad that most of their resources are now locked behind a pay-wall.
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    @Human626 actually i forgot to mention, I did use codecademy about 4 years ago when there was a premium section but it wasn't intrusive, I had forgotten about it until my friend mentioned it to me. It's incredible how corrupt people can go from just kindness to money making
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    The success stories of *most* "startups" are bullshit and marketing copy.

    If sites like them were smart, what they'd do is make the language learning part free, incorporate tool / ide learning into their advanced free curriculum (or require the creation of a user account/free registration to follow them), and then make the paid courses ALL about teaching the popular frameworks, tools, and libraries for that given language. Preferably they'd gear them toward what companies required or hired for.

    And then as a sidechannel, B2B, they'd market the courses as ready-made for the various code bootcamps.

    Shit I should be doing this. Theres serious money potential here. No one steal my idea!
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    @Wisecrack exactly, I am awaiting your product release!
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    I can't tolerate the javascript ecosystem bullshit. I'd have to build all the tutorials as videos/webpage lessons in some sort of ready made CRM, and verify them with something like a testing framework on the backend or running in the browser.
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