🤔 If developers were linguists...

Person 1: How do you say "????" in Italian?

Person 2: Why don't you use Japanese? It's a much better language.

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    That would be really funny to overhear irl in metro, though.
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    @torbuntu exactly. And it happens a lot with English, usually from people regularly advocating borrowing from other languages then complaining how English is complex and inconsistent... as if y'all didn't cause that exact problem.
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    @Vuetiful damn, letter for letter, even the emoji.

    Thanks for pointing out the copypasta.
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    In Portuguese we have the expression "ué". That's an alternative to Japanese ;)
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    @tokenguy ele não ta tentando falar "????" Em outra lingua, aquilo foi pra representar qualquer palavra, zuando os cara do stackoverflow que ficam desviando a resposta
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