This is meant as a follow-up on my story about how I'm no longer and Ada developer and everything leading up to that. The tldr is that despite over a decade of FOSS work, code that could regularly outperform a leading Ada vendor, and much needed educational media, I was rejected from a job at that vendor, as well as a testing company centered around Ada, as well as regularly met with hostility from the community.

The past few months I have been working on a "pattern combinator" engine for text parsing, that works in C#, VB, and F#. I won't explain it here, but the performance is wonderful and there's substantial advantages.

From there, I've started a small project to write a domain specific language for easily defining grammars and parsing it using this engine.

Microsoft's VisualStudio team has reached out and offered help and advice for implementing the extensions and other integrations I want.

That Ada vendor regularly copied things I had worked on, "introducing" seven things after I had originally been working on them.

In the almost as long experience with .NET I've rarely encountered hostility, and the closest thing to a problem I've had has been a few, resolved, misunderstandings.

Microsoft is a pretty damn good company. And it's great to actually be welcomed/included.

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    Any company that smells perks is a nice company.

    How was your code licensed? Does the vendor keep to that license or did they broke it? What's this rant about?
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    @cprn code varied by project, but was either BSD 2/3/4-clause, or CC-0. There was never attribution for the BSD licensed codebase. Although to be fair I don't think they were ripping of my work as much as just regularly letting me take the risk and then using their size to eclipse me. It always happened 6-12 months later and would always use an almost word-for-word description, even though it seemed to work differently.

    The rant is basically just about the difference in my experience between the Ada and .NET communities.
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