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    NodeJS seems right actually.
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    Not Jay's ass
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    "Isn't it easier to just say Java?"
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    You know a product is tailoring to hipsters when the product name needs both written and spoken guidelines
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    If you don't want people to pronounce the "js" part, it shouldn't be in your name.
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    @groxx It makes too much sense for it to be wrong.

    @Mvzes Definitely. 'My name is "Kfhdlh" it's pronounced as "Jack".'
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    @groxx "Java's Crypt" is the best JS pun I've heard all well, lol
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    i pronounce it "no js"
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    Why the hell wouldn't I pronounce JS? In software engineering, there are too many things that can be addressed as "node" and I ain't relying on others to be able to figure out the semantics.
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    Everyone knows it's pronounced "Node jay ess"
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    Actually, it's pronounced like “that fucking server-side JavaScript bullshit”.
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    It's pronounced nude yo' ass and you cannot change my mind
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    Node is a generic ass name, of course I'm gonna say Node.js because that's literally how that shit is called. What even is this
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    @ethernetzero Or for short, Node BS . Actually - everyone - petition to rename it to Node BS ? Seems more accurate
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    I keep misspelling node.js as nose.js. I don't know what that means.
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    Didnt know they had guidelines for these!!
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    Node means other things than just this software so I'm gonna pronounce the Jay ess part so I am understood.
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    @ethernetzero this is even better than mine
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    Saying node jay ess is perfectly valid, I'll die on that hill if I must
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    This further concludes JS devs are bunch of hipsters.
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    i'm gonna keep pronouncing it "fuck that shit"
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    @jennytengsonM Not JayZ seems right
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    @mvelebit I've got 99 problems but my dependencies ain't one
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    node dot jay ess
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    @12bitfloat So generic. Node.js in a Kubernetes node that uses node data structures…

    The node server is having an exception managing nodes in one of the nodes.

    Node jay ess is way less confusing.
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