Of course I just spilled coffee all over myself in the middle of the daily standup.

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    @torbuntu I bumped my knee while picking up my mug and spilled it directly into my lap...
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    Should have worn your brown pants.
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    @Jilano I mean.. Isn't that a rule or smth for standups? I've definitely seen smth like that when reading our code of labour. It read smth like "employees are to be wearing brown pants in any IT staff meetings, plannings and estimates in order to discretely hide their doubts in the bright future management and sales folks are leading us to. It is adviced for the pants to also be air-tight."

    I could swear I saw it somewhere in there... Just can't find it rn.
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    @netikras No worries, I've seen that too. @OP might have just deleted these facts to hide his mistake.
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