it’s not a lack of motivation, an inexplicable unwillingness to act, that obstructs your path to success and happiness. It’s the invisible boundaries in your head that you’re tripping over — sometimes without ever moving at all.

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    Couldn't agree more.

    One of the most necessary means to success, outside networking, is the 'shotgun' method.

    Job seeking? Apply to lots. University seeking? Talk to lots of different schools. Dating? Date lots of people till you find a good fit. House hunting? Looking for a room mate? Looking for a good car?

    People often settle way too soon, or don't try at all b/c of the barriers/excuses we make up.

    Theres actually an interesting problem kinda related to this called 'the secretary problem'. The idea goes something like: if you're a hiring manager, with clar criteria for say, your next secretary, and you have a certain number of applicants, assuming you have to immediately hire or reject an applicant right after an interview, whens a good stopping point? That is, how do you maximize your chance of hiring the best candidate without skipping over them?

    Turns out you reject the first n/e (e=2.71828) and then hire the applicant whos better than everyone so far.
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