Does anyone know any reputable sites for off-hours tech work?

Based in the US if it matters

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    There are plenty of projects you can contribute to on github. It's reputable, a site, you can contribute off hours, and it's hosted in the US!
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    @inaba and had my question been, anyone know where I can contribute to open source, that'd be a great answer.

    I'm looking for off hours work, not because I'm bored
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    You could go for bug bounties. Otherwise working freelance, but you will have a certain commitment (e.g. 10h/week or a deadline). Nobody is going to hire a developer on a flexible, hourly basis for very short term, as you need some time to get into the project environment and all that to be able to deliver anything. That may work for consulting though, if you are at that level. A small long-term maintenance job may work as well, but I guess that's kinda hard to get by.
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    @saucyatom I dont mind a set number of hours, just not during work time is all. I'll take a look at the bug bounty thing, thanks
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