i have a question for you. You work for an industry, a factory, in house. You have only one developer to help you.

They ask you for an app to store production and get reports. Ok
Then before a year passed, they want you to start making apps for: project managment, hr 360 evaluation, implementation of SSO without paying a third party service (like auth0 or okta)

Would you feel comfortable, even if the proper time was given, to get involved with so many different domains without anyone above you having any idea about software lifecycle and development?

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    The more you do, the more you know.

    Just tread carefully, plan ahead and be damn sure requirements are locked in place before building commences.

    Start with the easiest (scope wise) app to build first - business's love quick results, then start on the next one.

    Oh, and don't be afraid to do weekly or at least bi-weekly showcases of features implemented once you have a "workable" product.
    This will give them confidence the project is progressing even if it takes a while to lay the ground work for the cross app features (sso, ect)
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    Well, do a cost analysis. How many hours will it take to do internally ? How much existing solution cost ? Simple math. 3 times out of 4 using existing solutions is cheaper than developing one.
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    @C0D4 yes but especially sso is very sensitive matter. how can i make it not better, but at least even, when whole companies with expertized devs are working in that for years. i feel it it is the same as asking for me to make you a clone a photoshop
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    @gatoMalicioso there is open source SSO solutions out there, it's just another layer.


    As for a photoshop, well no, you don't have to build the entire thing, use something premade you can connect to and utilise with minimum fuss.
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