Fuck open office spaces.

A few months ago I landed a super sweet job as a senior full stack developer, mainly going to work with their Python microarchitecture. The company pays well, has a sweet balance between freedom and responsibility, 30 days vacation etc.

During the recruiting process they walked me around the office that was super cozy with 14 devs in on large room and 10 people from marketing in another. They also mentioned that they would move and merge office with operations and customer service (around 100 more people) in a few months.

Life was good in the old office, I thought that this is the company where I will work for a looooong time.

Now we are in the new office and its fucking shit. No walls or FUCKING CEILINGS between departments. Right above my head there is balcony with customer service talking loud as fuck 24/7. Everyone that is not a developer is just so fucking loud.

I have to use earplugs AND earmuffs to get silence, or blast my ears with way to loud music. Every day around lunch I'm completely done mentally.

I know I'm extra sensitive to noise because of my ADHD, but seriously who the fuck thought this was a good idea?

All the devs have told our boss what needs to be done. If they listen i don't know. In the meantime I will start looking for a new job....

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    Reminds me of the silicon valley episode xD
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    Open office is just an excuse to look at what you’re doing all the time because they don’t trust you.
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    have an open office in my company.
    for talking people we have meeting rooms, and if you need to concentrate we have super isolated focus rooms, essentially cells that are increadibly quiet.
    rest is market place where you can openly work together.
    as a dev i really like that, maybe your implementation of an open office just sucks.
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    @kleopi gotta also educate/implement some sense into people on the floor, like what level of chit chat is fine at what volume and when it's time to take it somewhere else
    Colleagues really love Bose noise cancelling and were saying that the new model should allow complete sound cancellation
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    @qwwerty yeh it definitely needs rules
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    The noice cancelling in my Bower & Wilkins PX is not enough. You you know any model with more powerful NC, please let me know.
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    @adhddeveloper Collegaues are using Bose QuietComfort 35, while eyeing Bose NC 700.
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    For me that would be totally overkill, I’m just with another very quiet guy. But I feel
    with you, have ADHD too. I can recommend the Sony WH-1000XM3, they help a lot but sometimes I just want silence. :/
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    How do we get it to change? :'(
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    Talk to HR. Your manager to have at least .5d from home. Best of luck. I hate open space, and high heels
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    This is your answer to your problems at work.

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    I feel for you brother, music playing for me 25/9 🙏
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    Bring indian food to the office. Every day.

    The more pungent the better.

    Hide it in random locations so they have to hunt for the source of THE SMELL.

    Marketing is notorious for being full of fucking crybabies, so the arrangement will quickly be resolved (btw, not legal advice, follow at your own risk).

    For everything else, when I really need to work distraction free I use something like https://www.noisli.com/
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    i literally live in the middle of a corn field, alone with my dog, blackout curtains... and i still get distracted from little shit... especially if i dont have some great earbuds in.

    i appreciate devRant for reaffirming my life choices anytime i open it... and reminding me that, if the odds are that a decent number of people here have dealt with *whatever*, and im having issues... im overthinking it again. especially when i see the fails like *whatever ostream goes by today* and some guy who claimed, several times, 13 yrs of " industry experience" including some sys admin... but also didnt know what RHEL was then when finding out it was linux... seemed to think linux was like some passing fad he found irrelevant to computers... im not the biggest linux fan... but it's clearly a necessary evil... or nearly logical with enough hallucinogens.
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    also.... please explain what a python microarchitecture is?

    i comprehend all the words, unfortunately know/use python too.... build network and data architectures (since half-duplex was still a thing)... aside from likely n/a guesses or extremely vague ideas... no clue what that is
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    @awesomeest "also.... please explain what a python microarchitecture is?"

    self-promotional buzzword lube for intellectual wanking at conferences.
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    @Wisecrack well duh... i just wanna know what they think the made up term means.

    I get that you don't know me... but im soooo far from trendy or buzz words (not that i cant catch up quickly and use them for seo and pr, etc.-- just loathe them).

    Im a techie... but a dinosaur of a techie. I know storage down to the literal bits and the physical microscopic mechanisms. Idgaf what things are called, ex. any timed task, scripting, application layer, daemons... all are "cron jobs"...etc

    Im just curious how people respond when you ask them about their choice of terminology. It's like why i ask "woke" people what being "woke" means... try it sometime, youll get soooooo many different answers. Most are vague and u need to coax any specificity out.
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