Been a really long time since I posted on here. Sucks when you get stuck in a lab that bans cellphones.

BUT I got a new job now. No classified stuff. I can actually talk about what I do specifically now!!! And after a week I can almost maybe do my job one day.

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    NDAs and the like suck.
    I haven't been able to show off most of what I've built because of NDAs. It sucks. Makes finding work difficult, too.

    One of the projects in particular I wasn't even allowed to mention for ten years afterward, which sucks because it was huge and involved and awesome.

    What was it?
    A custom OS for the US government. It had better thread separation and security than windows, better memory management, UI (okay, so I'm biased), etc., and was even (somewhat) compatible with some windows programs.

    No idea what happened to it. Then again I wasnt allowed to know after I left the project. 😕

    Oh well. It was fun and I learned an incredible amount from working on it.
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    @Root it sounds fun. Was it built from scratch rebuilt on top of a linux kernel? I only ask because where I used to work they loved re-engineering linux.
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    @Root I’m under so many NDAs that I had no choice but to master the art of vagueness.

    What are you working on?

    Oh you know, software.

    What does it do?

    Does... stuff with data.

    Can you not be more specific?

    Takes input and gives output?

    Are you asking me, or telling me?

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    @projektaquarius Nope, no linux. We had started with was a win95 bootloader and built everything from there.
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    @Root nice. I have never done OS stuff before. Sounds hard.
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    @projektaquarius Incredibly. Especially all the bloody hardware crap. Fortunately most of what I did wasnt related to that. But building all of the low-level systems was also a lot of fun. Everything uses them, so making them easy to build with and optimizing them to hell was absolutely enjoyable.

    To be very clear: I don't consider myself an OS developer, either then or since, and really shouldn't have been working on it.
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    @Root based on my entire career you would think that I love working on things I shouldn't be working on. That was my last job. That is my current job.
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