f.lux is alternative to docker ????

how? why? what?

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    What a terrible article, thanks I hate it!
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    Are they trying to write articles using AI now? What a piece of garbage that article is.
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    the sad thing is that this/these shit gargling good for nothing motherfuckers are showing up a lot in search results.
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    @jesustricks yes exactly, can we report to search engine about bad search results ????
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    @cursee almost sure that no, you can't, I wish you could though...
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    @cursee You can Google the article, click the link, wait for the result page to load, and go back immediately. The bounce rate tells Google it's low quality content.
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    @Fast-Nop or maybe I'll just spam the URL everywhere on internet and make Google consider the article itself as spam 😂
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    Wait, isn't Kubernetes just a docker orchestrator?
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    You don't need f.lux. There's a docker alternative that comes preloaded in windows 10; it's called night light 🤗
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    What the actual fuck
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    It seems they just confused docker, the container virtualisation platform, with docker, the dock UI (the MacOS-stylised taskbar on the bottom of the screen)... in the middle of the list.
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    @cprn either dumb copy pasta people or immature AI 😌
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