Went to check out some IT/Developer educations with my youngest son who will hopefully be graduating high-school next may. At one of the educations they actually used javascript as a *cough* programming *cough* language to start learning these kids the basics ... I guess that rules out at least 1 place to start his new studies.

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    Sorry, what?
    That is perfectly fine. JS is a good beginner language.
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    JS is the new PHP
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    @PrivateGER if you tell that to yourself often enough, maybe you will start believing that. Js is not a proper language, more like a speaking disability.
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    What do you want your kid to start with then, assembler!?
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    Teach your kid to be a language snob/fanboy, that’ll be handy
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    @Hansz It is a proper language used worldwide. Just as Plasticnova said, you're a language snob right now.
    What do you want, fucking ARM Assembly?
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    Be happy they don't use Scratch.
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    Not being funny, but most of the languages they start kids out learning aren't the best technically.

    Hell, I'm just about old enough to have coded in BASIC, and that's a crap language, but still got plenty of people coding.
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