So it happened that a roll of my office chair broke. Since the ordering process in our company is a nightmare and takes forever AND my employer is too cheap to buy enough adequate replacement, I had to draw and print a spare part myself...

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    Improvise, adapt, overcome
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    In the EU you are probably breaking health and safety laws yourself with this fix.
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    @nibor indeed, though it's not OP but the company who breaks these laws.
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    @codex404 actually it's both.

    "Worker s have a duty to take care of their own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by your actions at work. Workers must co-operate with employers and co-workers to help everyone meet their legal requirements ."

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    It looks not that bad tho.
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    @nibor he took actions though, there is not much more for him to do but reporting it.
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    The only alternative would be to use one of the ancient chairs. However, none of them meets my personal ergonomic requirements. Some have no armrests, are worn out, or wobbly. Actually, most of the chairs here should be replaced by new ones, but as I said: my employer is too stingy when it comes to this topic.
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    Plot twist: The printed spare part was one of the wheels
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    Well I would report it twice. And than just swap i the chair with manager...
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