Well this was an interesting start of a day... The guy that is supposed to be an architect pulled me to the side and told me that he didn’t like that I was doing architectural work as it is his “job”, because of that I was confusing the entire team.

All I did was propose an architectural design for a cloud system given that I had prior experience with it and he did not...

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    Did you propose it to him, or did you go over his head by proposing it publicly.

    If just to him, he's an ass.

    If not to him, he has every right to be annoyed.
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    @torpkev the proposal was directly to him, hence my confusion
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    Ah then he's just an ass, probably worried that you'll show him up
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    You've spotted a bullshitter.

    If he knew his stuff, he'd be open - maybe eager - for discussion. And he would discuss architecture with the rest of the team. Architecture dictators (who maybe don't even implement their stuff) are the worst.

    But he doesn't, and now he's afraid of being exposed.
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    Somehow I feel like this is not what happened?
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    Some people are narcisstic pussies.........

    Best is when they get so Desperate that they throw links at u to "show who's right".... And get roasted because not only they cannot explain it in own words, but most of the links are shit and are not 100 % applicable.

    Don't poke the bear. The bear might punch your face so hard you can lick his armpits clean.

    (Alot of anger here... Nothings worse than to finally have the Meeting, everythings prepared.... And a single lunatic cunt fucks everything up.... So either you have to force overwork or in worst case you'll have to find another date. And you've waited 3 works for this date. Seriously. Fuck those narcisstic pussies.)
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