What's your work secret to staying healthy (emotionally, mentally, physically)? I climb flights of stairs while my Jenkins job is building.

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    Vegan for lunch. Only consume art's related social media content (no Facebook or Twitter), only answering messages at lunch and after work. Going out every weekend. Reading a lot. Going out to take pictures when it's raining. Going to work at 11am. Having a girlfriend in tech too is also a major point, since you're both aligned to the same objectives, minimizing stresses about miscommunications, and hanging discussions.
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    Also, I don't exercise, and I haven't saw a need to. It's something I'm not proud to say. Let's just see where this goes.
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    I personally give myself time to chill. No matter what, I chill.
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    Never take the lift downstairs, only of you are in hurry or if you need to lift heavy stuff for upstairs.
    try to go to work or take the bike. Try to get some fruits imto your daily schedule.
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    - Avoid overtime
    - do not think about work outside working hours
    - long walks [1hour btwn home&office], hiking
    - in spring/summer/autumn - gardening
    - do not overuse coffee
    - take breaks to chill: 15mins every 2 hours
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    That's a balance you need to find... Personally I'm not in such position just yet but working towards it:

    - Cutting down on coffee
    - Walking (but not as much as I would want)
    - Taking breaks every hour or two
    - Standing desk at home for entertainment/gaming
    - DYI stuff, just trying totally new things that I see interesting (most of the projects unfinished lol, just got bored too much and felt like forced work)
    - Due to work type, I can't stop thinking about work nor block notifications for too long but I tend to do that as much as I can
    - Going out with friends on weekends as much as possible
    - Doing more and more offline things...


    There's some more things in there but they are too small. Overall, I haven't found the perfect recipe for myself but I'm not too overworked too, so at least there's that
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    @bartmr sport will make you happier and more relaxed in general, plus it can boost your confidence and bitches like it ;)
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    @orhun find a kind of sport that you enjoy and in which you want to become better.
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    @reij How's that working out for you? Have you got enough amount of "bitches"? Is that a measure? This is why most developers are lonely clowns, getting replaced by people from other backgrounds.
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    Here's another advice to keep your mental health at work: learn to architect and start projects from scratch so you can work at startups and avoid contact with most developers
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    Jesus is my secret.
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    Eating a lot of fruits and veggies. Walking if I can reach my destination in 15 minutes or less by foot. I have an agreement with manager that I can work 4 hours, take 2 hours for whatever (tend to take yoga classes though), then work another 3 hours. Reading a lot. So called “offline weekend” once a month. Not thinking about work when I’m off work (including turning off notifications unless I’m oncall). No phone in bedroom rule.
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    I do sport, don't work for idiots and fuck.
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    Just engrave it in your brain - there is no point in stressing about work. While you can be passionate about what you do, it is a way of making money and that's it. Enjoy it, and when you don't take a break. Oh and have lots of sex
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    @kfalencik To be fair, it's trully all about your mindset. Like - if you think it's shitty, it's gonna be shitty...

    As for sex.... that does help.... too bad you need a SO with that desire too or else... you are just a "handsome" person
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    @bartmr you won't get "bitches" only by doing sports. You need to take action and do the work of meeting new people. But it still is a nice feeling beeing more attractive. This gives you motivation and confidence.
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