Is it polite to rant about devRant in devRant?
Rant/feature request.
It could be great to have body structure option in avatar creation. (like skinny, chubby, fatass etc).

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    There's a devRant GitHub issue tracker
    Also the "devrant" category is for this
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    @M1sf3t Hum? Sorry, I wasn't listening. What did you say?
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    How do you even assign a rant to a category?

    Maybe there should be a dropdown on the dialog for posting a new rant...
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    @mksana Or, and hear me out, just press the right button?
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    What are you ranting about? you're just suggesting some feature. Category should be random.
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    @Jilano: The trees and the forest, huh?

    I automatically blended out those other buttons because I thought I assign a rant. I stand corrected.

    Thanks for pointing out the obvious. 👍
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    @Pogromist posts about devrant belong to the devrant category.
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    I absolutely require dadbod to be available.
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