That avatar looks familiar… 🤔

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    That's an interesting avatar @devnl 🤔not sure where I've seen that before
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    Could someone please confront him with this?
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    Nope, really don't know where I've seen this avatar before 😂
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    @C0D4 Why did you change your face? I couldn't recognise you at first!
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    @Jilano scroll back to the top... then down again 😏

    Except this guys gets an umbrella

    @trogus / @dfox can I request an umbrella too?
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    @C0D4 Yes, but still! Haha

    Here you go: 🏖️
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    @Jilano 👨‍💻🏖 This doesn't feel right.
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    @C0D4 Well, I did all I could! Can always wait for the boys to give you something better :D
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    @Jilano alright, I'll put my clothes back on and see if they give me a nice umbrella in the background
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    @dfox @trogus, is that allowed?
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    @C0D4 You do look a lot better like this! Thank you

    @PrivateGER Considering there doesn't seem to be any reference to devRant, I'm fairly certain that it is not.
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    Traduci il Tweet!

    I wonder if he's a devRanter..
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    Im glad devRanters on tweeter noticed
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    Interesting - thanks for pointing that out. That does look like a devRant avatar placed on top of a background maybe.

    As for if it’s allowed or not - I’m not really sure what the context is/how they are using it. We don’t mind when people use it for their personal profiles/personal websites, but we’d probably prefer business don’t use it for marketing. I’m not saying that’s what happened here, just probably distinction we’d draw.
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    @dfox they are using it as a badge for an event. I assume for marketing purposes. Can you check if this dude has a devRant account?

    Here is a link to Steven Thewissen ( @devnl ) Tweet:

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    @bioDan I can’t say for sure but doing a quick search I don’t think there’s any obvious devRant account for that person.

    I wonder where that actual image originated though. Because it looks like someone modified a devRant avatar by just slapping an Xamarin logo on it I think.
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    @dfox the dude from the tweet claims to have "created" it and other people on the thread are congratulating him for it.

    Maybe we can leverage the situation to bring more users in to devRant or file a copyright infringement so you guys get a bit more $ for the maintenance of this wonderful platform?
    Afterall, you guys did work hard to create these avatars and the avatar builder.


    Maybe @trogus bought/used a template of a person from an illustration stock site and just built on top of it as the guy from twitter did?
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    @bioDan I’m pretty sure that combination has to be from our avatar builder. Although the elements to use some stock clipart, the combinations created with the avatar builder are very custom and it looks to be generated from it from what I know. Will wait to see what @trogus thinks.

    As for action, I don’t think we want to threaten to sue, but it would at least be nice if they could give devRant a shoutout, be a supporter, etc. if they are profiting off of our hard work.
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    @dfox I'd love to see this guy try to claim this is his original fuckin work. He obviously wants to hide it because he changed small things around (Such as the color of the desk, I believe, which should be darker). What an obvious, and if it is true he claims it to be his own, unapologetic plagiarism.
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    @dfox upon further inspection he doesn't seem to deny that this asset is from here whatsoever, but he sure doesn't give any credit.

    Anyways I'll keep my nose out it for now
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