I think i dont have the brain capacity or brain power to process and code extreme complex team WEB projects. Is this normal for WEB development, do i need a lot more practice, more time to understand or am i just fucking dumb for this shit? Honestly

I can code complex mobile apps but i get fucking lost in the middle of coding web projects... Its like im lost in the woods at dark and do not know what to do and where to go.... Literally stuck in one spot, idling.....

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    In my opinion, web dev is riddled with bad practices left and right, plus a penchant for overcomplicated, bloated approaches that only exacerbate the fallout from the bad practices.

    Oh yes, they claim to make shit "easier" by introducing ten to twenty times the code you'd need, and then you drown in even more complex tooling to manage that clusterfuck, and finally, everything just comes crashing down.

    That's why total crap beyond any hope for redemption (like WordPiss, Bootcrap and the whole PSD-to-HTML brain damage) is not the exception, but the norm in web dev.

    It's also why the average website today is a steaming pile of shit with 3 MB in transfer (much more after ungzip), staggering 89 requests and unbelievable 7 seconds loading time even on hi-speed connections.

    In web dev, the inmates are routinely running the asylum, and nothing short of some megashittons of petrol and a match could even spark hope for change.
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    @Fast-Nop Im not sure what are u trying to say but wtf is this

    The entire web dev to me is like working with css
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    @SukMikeHok Web dev just ticks me off because I see the fallout every day when browsing. I think the electric devRant eel for anal electrocution would still be exaggerated mercy.

    Also, CSS is pretty neat IF used correctly and not with an abomination like Bootcrap. Every time you'd even THINK of same CSS garbage tool like LESS and SASS and PISS, things are already down the gutter because you shouldn't even HAVE that much CSS going on in the first place.
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    @Fast-Nop so bottom line am i inexperienced, dumb for webdev or is webdev verbose as fuck?
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    @SukMikeHok You're probably inexperienced, but if you wonder why shit that OUGHT to be simple instead makes the Goldberg Variations pale in comparison, then you're at least not dumb.
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    Webdev is, what webdev is.
    An utter mess of unstandardised practises, and design specs that have to break rules to render remotely correctly.

    And that's just the front end.
    The backend is usually more controllable as it's based on a language or languages that have a purpose and best practises have already been standardised.

    Instead of fixing the problem, devs throw another framework or browser at it and fuck things up even more.
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