My journey with IT learnings, Some of Major learning changes. The following are the years in which I start learning given technology or domain.

1993 Birth
1999 #HTML
2001 #PHP + Foxpro
2001 #Haskell language
2002 BASIC
2002 #8088 Assembly
2003 #Linux
2007 Visual #Foxpro
2009 #C Language
2010 #Python
2011 #JAVA for mobile #development
2015 Virtual Machines
2016 Networking
2018 #Blockchain
2019 #Elixir & Phoenix
2019 #DevOps

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    1996 birth
    2002 weed
    2004 cocaine
    2007 black tar heroin
    2010 java
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    Where is Pascal 😂?
    Basic I learned in 1984....
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    @Ubergeek It is before my HelloWorld on earth. :P

    I do a little Cobol.
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    @tekashi java is the strongest drug
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    @hack programing is the strongest drug. not just JAVA :P
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    2010 was a bad year, huh?
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    @tekashi oh man how did you fell in Java? What have you done? I'm not sure there's a safe treatment for that
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    The main problem with learning to write BASIC is that afterwards you will be completely retarded.
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    @tekashi @tekashi BTH at 11? Skeptical.
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    In another post you said you started programming in 8th grade. Here is a concept I suggest you start learning in 2020 - consistency.
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    @NickyBones HTML is not programing. This post is about in age I start lurning stuff. not practicle code.
    Yes for some people, learning and practicle stuff is same. So then I start code in 2nd grade. Baba (Father) told me to write H1 to H6.
    I made my1st website in 2002, That just have 3 pages about my family. Simple HTML TABLE...
    So this I just share my learnings till 2019.
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    @NickyBones Even I just start elixir. Didn't write code for single client. :P
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    @sudoumi I didn't say anything about HTML. You claim to learn PHP (definitely a programming language) at 8 years old. That's about 6 years apart from 8th grade.
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    @NickyBones A little creepy punchline....WAO.... you are noticing me :P
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    @NickyBones A little creepy punchline....WAO.... you are noticing me :P
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    @NickyBones Just start learning PHP. If I learn Just HTML so late so think... It is hard for a child to learn complex things... :P
    and I am calmed. even in some fun mode. so no worries. :)
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    @NickyBones I was in 8 in 2005. That even I didn't mention here... bcz till then I just learning old stuff. not able to learn or do new things.
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    @sudoumi I hope you are not as careless when you write your CV. It wastes a lot of time for interviewers. I've seen a lot of people mentioned they know machine learning in their CV, and when they were invited for an interview it turned out they just watched 2 YT videos by Siraj. So yes, I notice people who do it, and it pisses me off.
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    @NickyBones I never mention this all in my CV. Even till today, I just write a simple CV. where I start from 2010 From Telco Company and Foxpro.
    this is just a fun place. so... I am a free man here. do what ever I want.
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    @NickyBones Really? Watching 2 YT videos makes them think they know ML...wow..no words... I can't believe that?! I guess those people are really shit heads! Knowing about a language or something and really knowing it and using it are two totally different things!!
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    @Leuljoe yes... people calling thenmself expert when they start learning thing.
    learning and actaul stuff are far different.
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