2019 resolutions/goals recap: (non-personal ones)
1) Improve diet (did; e.g. ramen and fast food to clean keto)
2) Lose weight (did; lost 24 pounds!)
3) Find a good job (did, twice)
4) Buy a harp (did not; large and expensive, no place to put it, and I have small children who would absolutely break it)
5) Keep house clean, even if it's by myself (did, somewhat; I cleaned some, managed to get one other person to clean semi-regularly, and another sporadically)
6) Work on social awkwardness (did; read and applied Dale Carnegie's The Art of Public Speaking, which netted me my last job offer. Still pretty awkward though)
7) Move out of the desert (did not; not enough money, and job didn't allow remote work)
8) Stop bloody waiting on people (did not; still very guilty of this...)

I don't remember the rest 🙁 didn't write them down last year. But I still accomplished 5 out of the 8 I remembered, with one being a pass, so 5/7!


2020 resolutions/goals:
1) Finally move out of the desert
2) Invest 20% of my income every month
3) Reduce bills by 20%
4) Solve/address some health issues
5) Make a schedule so things regularly get done around the house, e.g. cleaning
6) Find some friends and make time for them
7) Replace Debian with something else
8) Revamp my backup system
9) Be proactive and stop waiting on people
10) Build a (stationary) coil gun for fun

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    Most of these points are relatable
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    My resolution this year is still the same as last year... 2256x1504 pixels
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    @-ANGRY-STUDENT- particularly the large coil gun. Precisely the large coil gun. #relatable
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    the fact that you did the recap for last year puts it way above any other resolution.

    i'm not sure i could achieve that level of consistency
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    hello root <3
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    Hey @wowotek 🙋‍♀️
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    Very nice! A perfect 5/7!

    And for those that don't get it, https://imgur.com/gallery/kLWgP
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    ++ for 5/7 reference. perfect 5/7
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    > replace Debian with something else
    But why 😢
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    📍 📍📍📍 because i am also suffering from your #6 from 2019 and will be reading that book later
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    @StopWastingTime It definitely helped. I listened to the Librivox recording while driving to work, though many of the readers were dreadful so I really can't recommend it.

    Here's my next few books on that same topic (physical this time):

    * Words that Work
    * How to Win Friends and Influence People
    * The Yes Factor
    * Why Men Love Bitches
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    Invest? How do you invest your income?
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    @moqs Crypto, stocks, REITs, foreign exchange.
    @hash-table I probably will. Either an Arch flavor or Gentoo.
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    @Root And what is your ROI?
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    @moqs Varies by the investment.

    In crypto I can make a few % a day.
    In stocks, a few % a week.
    In forex, a few % a week is trivial as it's super predictable.
    In REITs, the ROI is much lower, but it's zero effort and almost zero risk.

    Obv these are averages; sometimes I make nothing, sometimes I make ridiculous returns.
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    For crypto which exchange do you suggest? Do you do margin trading? if so that requires a lot of time and has a big risk.
    For stocks do you use a different exchange?
    Do you buy assets randomly or do you do any investigation before?
    From your turn you buy other assets?

    I am sorry for the questions and thanks for your patience!
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    @moqs Since I live int he US, unfortunately I can't use Binance anymore, but need to use Binance-US which has far far far fewer pairs :<

    To answer the rest of your questions: technical analysis. I study the charts and see which ones look promising, draw some lines, and make a plan for the trade. If the pair continues doing what I expect, I'll enter the trade and follow my plan and general rules.

    Also, I don't do margin trading. Too high of risk, especially considering the exchanges intentionally and regularly liquidate margin traders.

    Also: yes, I always reinvest the profits from trading. To do anything else is, frankly, stupid.
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    @Root Thanks!
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