Literally tabs vs. spaces. The joke is everywhere, and the people taking stances have clearly never used find+replace.

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    That computerphile video 😅
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    @iamrp thank you for volunteering to link it for the uninitiated!
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    @ThermalCube oh damn you beat him to it. God i love this fucking community!
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    I remember that silicon valley episode where Richard got really salty over tabs vs spaces, and his dev "girlfriend" preferred spaces. My two mind bogglies was when Richard didn't realize that his editor is probably macroing spaces when he pressed the tab key, and his girlfriend was actually pressing spaces manually like she was a month into her freshman year.
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    i agree, since tabs are obviously and without diacussion the objective correct choice. having to have an argument about something this obvious is dumb, yes.
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    All this bullshit about tabs vs spaces is completely unnecessary. Simply Ctrl + Shift + F for auto refactor, done.!
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