Me: Assigned to do some NoSQL injections test cases in December on Jira by product owner.

After asking him about it, he said it can be vague and it’s only for developers to get an idea. I also have this restriction where I can’t really keep actually data or databases in our test sample application, so I could only mock mongodb. Product owner says just mongo is fine.

I do it. Now it’s January, product owner away for a month we so director is managing it. She then schedules me to talk to database team. I show them the very simple test cases which essentially just inject payloads I found online into different parameters specified in test case. They say if that’s it. I say yes. They say what’s the point of this. I said that it’s probably to test your database clients and ensure they’re rejecting bad Malicious input? They then keep asking but I’m just the dev and tell them the product owner is away. Then the guy calls my test case essentially useless and the others agree. Then they tell me to do it for other databases which I can’t mock like couchbase even tho my PO said it’s fine for mongo only.

Am I just being silly here? I am pretty new to working in a dev environment so please feel free to be blunt.

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    Too many bosses.
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    @Demolishun I’m literally reporting to a grad manager but placed in a team with a director that I don’t really work for but he does my reviews and then I work with another team that’s located around the world and that has another director who I’m working for, it’s a mess
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    Why tf did you demo without your PM? or director in the room?
    What was the point of this?

    Those two are the ones to blame: The PM for dropping the ball on the requirments, and your director for not picking up the PM slack.
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    @magicMirror my director was supposed to join but she didn’t, before this call she said she was happy I did the test cases for NoSQL even though I showed her how simple they were so I assumed it was fine, also before this she also asked me who told me just mongo was ok, such miscommunication man and I don’t wanna pin it on anyone
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