I finally got around to setting up my own cloud with nextcloud on my own dedicated server.

Just setting up Nextcloud alone was not really the challenge ( I've set up at least 2 Nextcloud instances in the past ).
The actual challenge was to install /e/ OS on my mobile phone and get it to work with my Nextcloud instance.

It's not all performant, buttery-smooth or super-fast yet, but for a one-person / user-cloud, I think it should be just fine.

There's still room for improvement in terms of server-side performance, but it's working fine with the basics at least.
I need to figure / iron out some issues like social federation via ActivityPub not working, Nextcloud SMS not syncing up my SMS, Mail app crashing because I used a self-hosted Nextcloud instance, etc; but those are things I could work on slowly, in the course of time.

No, the server is not physically controlled by me, yet ( it's a dedicated box server though. Still, hosted and physically controlled by a provider ).

I intend on setting up another 'replica' on a RaspberryPi which I will then make primary, connecting to the internet via DynamicDNS.
I'll probably keep the server as a fallback / backup server just in case my home server loses connectivity.

Taking back control from Big Tech is something I intend on pursuing actively this year. I've had the idea in my head for too long that it has started to fester.

This is only a first step, of many, that needs to follow, in order for me to take control back from Big Tech.

Yes, there still is some room for improvement, but I think for now ‒
Mission Accomplished!🤘

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    Php-fpm with many threads helps a lot.
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    @stop thank you for the suggestion. I applied 3 layers of caching to get it running.

    1. PHP-FPM thread optimization

    2. PHP opcache optimization

    3. Added redis as a local memcache

    4. Moved Transaction File Locking to redis from the database

    This makes the applications load a lot faster.
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    In that process, I even upgraded to the latest version, ran into multiple issues and had to wade through so many issues to get it back to a stable state.

    There still are some more things that I need to get working - like the ONLYOFFICE integration that works out-of-the-box in the latest version and things like that. It doesn't work since I'm using a git-based upgrade mechanism.
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