I've been away... for too long. But today I have an announcement.
I've finally resigned from the Navy.
Little backstory: I have been thinking to resign since my last year as an Ensign, and I finally gained enough skill (and confidence) to make a CV and send it to a few companies. And lo and behold, a company actually was interested.
To be stupidly honest, maybe other factors certainly have played a part, but hey, I actually got a position in the sector I am interested and somewhat good: networks, sysadmin and security.
The CO and XO at my ship were mostly like "meh, he will retract his resignation, why would he want to leave, he is not serious". Until a few days ago, when they realised that I do not operate that way. And now panic has spread among them. I have designed and deployed quite some systems on the ship, both hardware and software, and now... history repeats again. This had happened to EVERY ship I've served before, but now, it will be permanent. And, oh boy, their faces and behaviour when the facts finally sank in... to quote a big mind of YouTube, "Not enough popcorn on Earth".
So, no more new Navy tech stories, but at least I am gaining my sanity back. I've even halved my cigarette and coffee consumption. I'll try to keep in touch with DevRant, but things are quite chaotic now (for them, anyway). But, for now, all I can think of is...

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    Quoting <shouty plague guy> on devRant? Lovely
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    @epse Spoilerz! Let the others google this phrase, its origins are quite interesting! :D
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    Congrats! I just want you to know that I'd subscribed to your rants because they were pretty cool!
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    Glad to hear that you're out of that shithole :)
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    @ScriptCoded Me too... I won't have any fresh tech navy stories any more (I think) but still, each and every one of them was a painful experience for me, so maybe that is for the best :P
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    @bladedemon Yeah, there's always two sides to the coin
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    Oh man I was about to start shouting NOOO DON'T DO IT! before I realized that an Ensign is an officer rank in the Navy.

    I am Army, I too left because I was fed up, but unlike you I had 0 education, 0 experience, and I was a fucking PFC(Private first class) when I made the decision to quit. I had it rough, looking back I should have taken online classes while still in service.

    Either way, glad to know that you are taking the jump to bigger and better things bro!
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    @AleCx04 My plan was to gather skills/experience beforehand. I tend to be very nervous/insecure when I am not prepared. Anyway, I waited too long, but better late than never. You wouldn't believe the number of talented people that are in the Navy, that haven't prepared beforehand and now are stuck with it.

    Oh well, at least I'm out :)
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    @hash-table To reply to both your comments:

    - Yes, life on a military vessel is unbearable, even for officers. I resigned as a Lieutenant (I am 3rd in command on the ship) and things were too much, even for me. It seemed that however higher I got, there always seemed to be another lunatic higher up. And not of the nice kind.

    - IT is quite popular choice for people preparing to leave the navy, because it usually doesn't require labs, or physical presence in labs. You can study it and apply it on the job (the Navy squeezes dry those kind of people), and it can pay very well (for navy standards anyway).

    - I could write about our "contract" (we don't have such a thing here, but from what I perceive to be the terms) and you could freak out. But you can only do so much with a 1k char limit :)
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    I wish you all the best in new insanity-driving professional experiences. Does this mean taht at least one US navy ship will have unpredictable bugs like accidentally launching torpedoes?
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    @NeatNerdPrime Hah! Not US Navy, and not launching torpedoes... more like crashing PCs that will corrupt the payroll files, connections to navigation systems that will point the ship South West of Africa (0, 0 coordinates) and other cute stuff. All because an idiot popped the RS232 jack and forgot to run a script, plus he doesn't keep backups of our WindowsXP (YES, XP) computers.
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