I found a post in the depths of the steam forum about borderlands 2,that if you open the steam-overlay's browser while in-game, go to youtube, start a video and paused it, you would get +10-15% FPS. Tried it and it worked.
I can't even start to imagine the causal chain that causes such a... bug? feature?

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    Something about the playback influencing the game?
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    That's the hot fix the devs used that was never done properly because of management. Or so I imagine the situation played out.
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    Doesn't actually surprise me.
    BL2 has a number of FPS related bugs.
    Eg, Claptrap will be stuck at the edge of the elevator in southern-shelf, if your FPS is too high.
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    @metamourge omg, thanks, had that issue yesterday!
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