CorporateDev or FreelanceDev? I want you all to debate on this!

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    I would choose by project.
    Neither of those is worth if you are not passionate or proud about what you do.
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    Depends on who you are working with.
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    Freelance = customers
    Corporate = managers

    Both will find a way to fuck you or the project over.

    Beyond that, it's a preference of doing your own thing, or doing your own thing in a corporate setting.
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    Startup or small business.

    Corporate is stuffy and miserable; pays well, but its drudgery and often the managers are total idiots. You must follow exactly how they do everything, which is usually how they've always done everything.

    Freelance is filled with clients that are somehow even less intelligent than your bogan-variety exhaust breather. You can do anything you want in the project, so long as you find a way to appease the almighty client. And dealing with some of them requires the patience of a goddess.

    By contrast, startups and small businesses give you the freedom to do what you want, typically pay decently, and the management doesn't have the time to micromanage you. As long as you complete your projects, they don't really care how you do it.
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    I'm not youre fucking monkey to dance and debate for your Majesty's pleasure 😒

    Ok /s. Yeah, neither. Startups, or tech leadership position at a FAANG and nothing in between.
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    @SortOfTested Indeed, it's all about FAANG!
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