I sometimes correct people's PRs from under the shower or from the toilet, but my favorite place to code are in the dune forests (Netherlands).

Most unusual place would be operating room at the hospital though, getting my leg/foot bugfixed after a car accident. I asked the surgeon if it was OK if I brought my phone in, to distract myself, so I went through some code cleanup tasks.

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    "Sir are you feeling any pain?"

    "Yes I'm in agony due to all the shit code I'm seeing"
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    On the roof of my friends house. On new years eve.
    The party was too noisy for me to hear the client over the phone, so I was milling around the appertment until I no longer heard the noise.

    Sat down, took laptop from backpack, solved issue, wished client a Happy New Year.

    Packed in laptop. Stood up, realised I had somehow wandered out of the appartment and up onto the roof.

    Sat down again. Vertigo.

    Opened the laptop again, sending the client the bill at 500% overtime rate.

    At least the fireworks were pretty.
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    Normal rate
    +100% evening rate
    +100% holiday rate
    +100% party-pooper rate
    +100% vertigo rate

    Makes sense.
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