The strangest place I've ever coded... I woudn't say it was the strangest, but definitely the least expected?

The hospital's recovery room after my second child.

I was working at/in Hell at the time (see previous rants concerning API Guy and the asshole salesman CEO). Said salesman douchebag ceo bossman had no recollection of me being expecting, going to the hospital, or even why I was there (and if he did, he wouldn't have cared at all). He still insisted I work on his shit features because they were so important for his ever-so-important client and their new signups that they were going to do anyway. I loathe him so fucking much.

Anyway, the feature in question was pretty tiny: during the new client onboarding process, if the client came from a specific affiliate link, the frontpage should change to reflect that affiliate's branding -- different background, a custom header, etc. It was pretty easy to do, though I made certain he didn't know that. During an hour while everyone else was asleep (and while I wasn't passing out from exhaustion), I pulled out my macbook air and built his stupid feature next to my hours-hold newborn.

Did I get any appreciation for that? Sure! He showed appreciation by not yelling at me for a few days. But only because he thought the feature was difficult and that I got it done quickly, not because anything else was difficult. Asshole.

Yes, I told him several times before and several times more afterward. I don't know what goes though his head or how it even works, but it didn't seem like a big deal to him, and he kept forgetting, or maybe he just pretended to listen like he always did. Fucking asshole apparently never heard of maternity leave. I could rant and swear and curse and fume and rage about him for years 🤬 I can't believe I was so excited when I netted that job.

But anyway, building the feature was actually kind of relaxing. I organized and wrote the entire project myself, so working with it was a pleasure, and it was an easy change that I could abstract nicely and cleanly. I totally didn't mind doing it, and actually kind of enjoyed it. I just hated who I was doing it for, and that he didn't fucking care. Used and abused? absolutely. I hope he dies in the most painful, gruesome way possible. Spaghettification might not even be awful enough

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    Power to you , root. Fuck that asshole manager, and congratulations for the child!

    I won't ever understand why the work that is needed to be done by brains is the most stressful and least regarded.
    Like, people are okay if their Italian restaurant takes forever to cook a small meal but they want the devs to search , understand, learn , build, test and deploy the whole product in given (unfair) time.

    To all those technical illiterate managers, i just want to know which magical fairy do they think work for us or spells that magically creates code.

    Hope that coding in such an exhaustive situation was fun for you ( a little bit)
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    Root, you are a legend and an absolute boss. And I mean the positive kind of boss
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    @StopWastingTime and @epse: Thank you! 😊

    And yes, sort of. It wasn't fun, but it was pretty relaxing, and I had nothing else to do but try sleeping some more.
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    Glad you're out of that place now. I had a feeling we might see this location crop up in your rant!
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    @Root I am happy you make it, long live Root and fuck that Boss.
    Take care of that cute child.
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    Well... If there was a definition of badass, I guess it's obsolete....

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