What kind of psychopath comments code UNDERNEATH??

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    A sociopath, specifically.
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    That’s like doing code footnotes.

    public void BuildFoo(int Bar) //1
    // code here

    /* 1
    * Builds the foo object
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    I do under, top and middle
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    @bkwilliams my next open source project will have code footnotes. Reviews will be fun!
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    @bkwilliams OK I think I won't do it. I just remembered the nightmare of the old jsdoc comments at the end of Javascript files to define types.. That's horrible and I don't want anyone (including me) to suffer that much.
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    My cOdE iS So rEaDaBLe i dOn'T nEEd cOMmEnTs
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    @bioDan ThAt’S CaLlEd BeINg a GOD
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    well codeblocks c++ comments color is white so you pratically don't have to comment anyway
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    @lightfulSeer i OnLY eVeR dARk tHeME bRo
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    @bioDan i just realised i can dark theme
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    Well better than having comments that have nothing to do with the block of code following them.

    And yes this happened even today.

    I have tons of sample for enjoyment if you want :-)
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    A docstring psychopath? :D
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    It's a final test to check that you have understood the function.
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    Just for the record, the devrant tag is literally for devrant related rants! For this you'd use rant/story :)
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    @linuxxx Wait... You serious? Like related to the website/app named "devRant"? I deducted "devrant" is for rants about developing software (or anything) and the "rant/story" tag is default due to some people bringing not-IT-related stories from Facebook because they're special snowflakes.
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