FUCK! I am so fed up with these loud mouths?
How do you deal with such morons ?

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    Two things:

    * Speak up and overvoice them with 'gentlemen/ladies, please! Can we keep it down here?'
    * get noise cancelling headphoned and a sign 'see me with headphones on? Do not disturb or else...'
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    Another solution, work from home. If your employer does not allow you to wfh, change to a more enlightened employer
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    Just book a meeting room for yourself or as @nibor suggested take a home office for the day.
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    Just say,. Yes , wow , that is interesting with a blank expression on your face as you gaze through them.
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    Sadly murder is not an option. I have a similar issue, it's either very vocal/angry/shouty/toys out of pram or the same in messages. Some days it really makes me feel about changing job, but I'm on a good deal at my current employer
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