So, the job I refer to as Hell finally deleted my work email account yesterday.

I've been getting (and ignoring) emails on that account for years now. Probably still have production access and push rights, too. 🙄

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    This guy (salesman "CEO" asshole) also lied to my face about basically everything, never listened to anything I said or wrote, regularly ridiculed me in front of coworkers, screwed me over every chance he got, and still fucking owes me money.

    I hate him.
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    @Root kill him
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    I heard hell was just a sauna 👍 can't stay in there for too long
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    If the company has over 50 people non-payment is a federal crime

    If it's less than that, you could always accidentally post some binary blobs on certain endpoints to recoup your losses.

    Hope you make out all right either way, glad you're free.
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    Try to pull and push a joke on April's fools if you can.
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    I worked remotely for a company after the collaboration ended. I still had access to all GitHub repos, website backend, everything... seven months after I left.
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