The JavaScript everywhere trend.

Sure it's possible and the language develops at a fast pace since ES6 but JS like any other language just is not suited for everything. I think JS will stay in server side automation and as scripting language for customisation but not how it is abused now in electron or even node.js.

There will be better solutions if they are not already there.

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    I think it's actually already waning. Completely anecdotal, but I feel like I'm seeing a decrease in the number of positions advertised for node.js and electron stuff from a few years ago (when it was all the rage.)
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    For scripts meant for average users that can only be run in Node.js runtime without mentioning it in README - I knew it was an end from the start 🤖
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    @AlmondSauce I can see some situations where node.js can be nice. Mainly with a JSON based record store where the node app acts as a bit of a smart database; again with JSON responses. Anything that becomes more complex I would vote PHP or golang.

    For electron I see almost no valid use. WTF warrants basically an entire browser installation for your desktop app to work?
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    @hjk101 "Crap I only know JS and want a desktop app" is, I think the use case there.

    node.js isn't awful for what it is - I'm sure it'll stay around for some reasonably niche areas, it's the fad of "let's use JS everywhere for every application!" that seems to be (fortunately) dying out.
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    I don't think that electron is going away so soon. And for two simple reasons :
    And vscode

    Like it or not, it makes a lot of sense to use it in *some* situations.
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    @react-guy mhm, don't forget Discord :)
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    Node is here to stay and for simple reason - cheapest ecosystem to fail fast. Ive built test reporting, game servers and network automation tools with it just test my ideas, if they are worth it, we rewrite to go or rust if not then not much time is wasted.
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    Actually with electron you have distributed your focus out of your browser (and you have made it much more fast). Also you have the web info that you could get in a web browser on the start of your OS.

    I see no other value for electron to be honest.

    5 new JavaScript libraries created during the time you read this. Hahahahah
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    Please God, let it be so. Nothing personal against JavaScript but, devs need to chill.
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    I just hate 2-4gb node module folder it makes me mad when I see the number of dependencies in our nexus and look at how much fecking space it’s using!!!
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