When the 14th largest school district in the country sends a text message to all parents with link about their new COVID-19 policies, you'd think they'd scale up their web server count before pressing send. I guess I'll just read it tonight.

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    The person that has it here in nc was where I'm at a few days ago apparently.

    This should be interesting. Better go get your milk and bread before the world ends. Nothing like those mid hurricane (or mid apocalypse in this case) milk sandwiches!

    Also I knew it was a large county, but I had no clue it was that damn big lol
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    @Stuxnet good luck! My kids got the (standard) flu this week. 🤦‍♂️
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    So far, the common flu has a higher mortality rate than corona, and has killed like 15x more people this year, if my sources are correct. Yet you dont see anyone freaking out about it.
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    @Quirinus Corona is basically this year's ebola. remember whenever we were all supposed to die from it? I'm sure it is a bad virus an all, but it's also not gonna kill the entire planet off like it's the second coming of the black plague.
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    I just want to enjoy a nice beer okay
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    High school in my area just got message saying that if the virus spreads inside a radius of 30km, there's no school.

    Guess there's gonna be celebratory drinking at someone's place.

    Honestly, this might just be a rant.
    Students attending my school in grades 5-8 have no sense of personal hygiene whatsoever.

    Whenever you're ordered into the D,C,B .. nevermind, every section and open the doors, you're hit with a wall of stink, hot air and dirt on the ground.

    Literally smells like shit in there.

    Fucking little idiots.

    Not even just because Corona, but in general.
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    Seasonal Flu killed off more people in total but its mortality rate is consistently somewhere below 0.1%. Let's call it a well known issue/bug where we know the proper workarounds.
    The WHO reported today that the covid thingy has (by current estimates) a mortality rate around 3.4%. It behaves like a new bug in production that we don't fully understand yet and we're currently trying out hotfixes without knowing the proper workarounds.
    The media is still overblowing the thing to a ridiculous proportion but that doesn't mean we shouldn't take it seriously. Trust the data more than the media
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    @don-rager I quite like your analogy, might just steal it for my dev family, who for some reason, act like it's impossible for them to get infected. Literally, booking flights to Japan, Taiwan, and other nearby Asian countries that are pretty high up on the number of confirmed cases list.

    While I don't buy into the panic buying shit, I have taken moderate precautions to make sure my family is safe. eg. Wash hands, keep away from large crowds, handy sanitizer and mask, etc.

    Because this shit, no matter how improbable, still has the potential to bring the server down.
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    @Stuxnet Yup, exactly. The hype around it is doing more damage than the actual virus (lets leave the "human lives are priceless" emotional argument to the side).
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