This is more of a wishful thinking scenario......but language/tech stack/whatever bashing.

Look, I get it, we like development, we would not be here if we didn't like it. But as my good friend @Stuxnet has mentioned in the past, making this a personality trait is fucking retarded, lame, small, and overall pathetic. I agree with this sentiment 100%

Because of this a lot of people have form some sort of elitist viewpoint concerning the technologies that people use, be it Java, C#, C++, Rust, PHP, JS, whatever, the same circle jerk of bashing on shit just seems completely fucking retarded. I am hoping for a new mentality being that most of us are younger, even if you are a 50+ year old developer, maturity should give you a different perspective, but alas, immaturity and a bitchy attitude carried throughout years of self dick sucking implications would render this null.

I could not give two fucks if the dude next to me is coding his shit in whatever as long as best practices are followed, proper documentation is enforced, results are being brought to our customers(which regardless of how much you try to convince us, none of your customers are fucking elite level) and happiness is ensured, then so fucking be it.

Gripes bitches and complaints are understandable, I dislike a couple of things about my favorite tools, and often wish certain features be involved in my particular tech stacks, does this make stuff bad? no, does it make me or anyone else less of a developer,? no so why give a fuck? bitch when shit bites you in the ass when someone does not know what the fuck they are doing with a language that permits writing bullshit. Which to be honest ALL of them fucking allow. Not one is saved from this. But NOT knowing how to work a solution, or NOT understanding a tech stack does not give you AUTOMATIC FULL insight on how x technology operates, thinking as such is so fucking arrogant and annoying.

But I am getting tired of looking at posts from Timmy, a 18 year old "dev" from whothefuckcares bitch about shit when they have never even made a fucking penny out of their "development" endeavors just because they read some dickhead's opinion on the internet regarding x tech stack and believes that adopting their bullshit troll ass virgin ideas makes them l337.

Get your own fucking opinion on things, be aggressive and stand fucking straight, maybe get some fucking pussy(or dick, whatever) and for fucks's sake learn to interact with other fucking human beings, take a fucking run, play games, break out from your whinny bitch ass shell, talk to that person that intimidates you, take a run, do yoga, martial arts anything that would break you out from being such a small little bitch.

Just fucking do something that keeps you from shitting on people 24/7 365/ a year.

We used to bitch about incompetent managers, shit bosses, fucking ludicrous assignments. Retarded shit that some other dev did, etc, etc. Seems like every other fucking retard getting into this community starts with stupid ass JS/PHP/Python/Java/C#/ whatever jokes and you idiots keep upvoting that shit. Makes those n00bs gain credability. Fuck me shit is so pathetic.

basically, make dev rant great again.

No fuck off and have a beer, or tea or whatever y'all drink.

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    -- this rant sucked 😂😂😂
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    @Stuxnet 10/10 would suck again
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    @AleCx04 I quite agree with you on this one (just not sure it's going away)
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    10/10 all those languages are fucking horrendous and suck balls fresh from their pussy, I don't get any other then, back to html programming for me mother fuckers!!

    Reddittors will be redditors, sometimes I think a greendot filter would be handy, but then all the green dots would stay green dots forming our own elitism on Devrant 😔
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    I guess this mentality primarily comes from people who went into programming as their "Last resort" in their youth. It was something they were good at and most others weren't so naturally they developed their identity around that and alongside an ego and also elitism.
    But on the other hand some people are just cunts by default so there's No real way to tell
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    @Frederick I'm fairly certain most of them switched to reposting memes. It's a lot more lucrative nowadays anyway
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    agreed until the php part
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    Reddit just becomes an echo chamber that when you try spread the idea outside of that realm, people look at you strange. I noticed this a few times for myself that I would form some opinions, have them backed up in some subreddits, then once I try talk to people outside of reddit about I realise how stupid or wrong it is.
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    Any language which isn't x86 assembly sucks

    Change my elitist view
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    @rutee07 as a public service announcement!
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    You know what is pathetic? Treating programming languages like religions. Becoming full defensive and aggressive when getting some criticism about it.
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    @Lensflare This an example of what is being talked about.

    Retards that have no clue what a tool is like yet they try and talk shit about it.
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    @Lensflare If I could not take criticism of my tools I would not have mentioned the portion about gripes bitches and complaints. So do read that part and understand that I can most definitely acknowledge criticisms of tools, what I cannot really dig is becoming a zealot for dev stacks or tools or whatever. I can take it if a season dev tells me that they greatly dislike x tool/language. What I can't really dig is people giving shit to others or acting as if you were somehow a lesser developer for using x tool. I am all about being cool to one another man.
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    @AleCx04 this wasn't against you. Just experience with other people.
    My point is, the retards can also be the ones who have that religion like mentality of languages that they are not allowed to be criticized.

    And not always is someone who criticizes, automatically a fool who has no clue. Sometimes criticism is based on experience.
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    I agree if the bashing (pun intended) is unfounded, but when someone bashes on a technology with actual (valid) arguments...
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