Do you have multiple screens? If yes, in what orientation?

I'm personally using 2. 1 horizontal and 1 vertical.
The vertical one is nice for long documentation and the horizontal one is mainly used for gaming.

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    3 horizontal, can't rotate them 😛
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    I kinda want to finally use 2 horizontal again, and maybe an optional vertical one for code.
    One of the horizontal ones can be rotated already, so I could even switch.
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    1 horizontal
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    3x horiz
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    2 slightly curved 1080p screens and a think pad laptop screen.
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    Two horizontals.
    Both 24" 165hz 1440p.
    (Girlfriend's dad is an avid gamer and hardware buff)

    I want a vertical 4k for code, but I'll need some vesa mounting because my desk is tiny.
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    Two horizontals, one 4k in front of me and one 1080p to my right. I'd like to have another 4k though and have them both at the center (one slightly to the left and one slightly to the right). My neck hurts constantly because of the second screen.
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    1 horiz, 1 vert, (work-provided higher-end 1080p) and using mbp 15" built-in display because it's too good to waste.

    Mbp display gets intellij

    Vert gets fullscreen tmux'ed iterm

    Horiz gets browser/Cal/mail/slack/misc and second intellij project if needed.
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    2 horizontal, one is a laptop screen, other is bigger
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    I got a used screen from my grandmother's neighbor for free and connected it to my laptop.
    Best setup imaginable.
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    I used to have 2 1080p monitors, one horizontal and one vertical for code, reading documentation, terminal, etc. I upgraded to 2 4k monitors and just left them both horizontal.
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    @alexbrooklyn For a while I had a horizontal one bolted to the side of a shelf. Eventually it broke the shelf, fell down and crushed another monitor under it. But it worked for almost a year.
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