Reposting this rant for more visibility. I do not like to repost, but this is really important, people's privacy is threatened.

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    I suggest all US citizens get behind it.

    This is the AUS version that this will probably become or at least similar.


    If you get pass page 3 without shitting your pants, let me know 😂
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    @C0D4 Yeah peoples need to see it and refuse, it will be an utter catastrophe otherwise

    Didn't shit lol… only because I had trouble understanding
    So it's something similar but for the Australia. Jeez, why do they all want to fuck up security and privacy ?
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    @CodeTalker haha yea, we already have it. It's scary as shit and I'm not a privacy but.

    The Government can essentially request or force a business to decrypt anything, or install devices that's sole purpose is to break encryption.

    However it's a crime to make public information, that such requests / orders have been made.
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    @C0D4 But it's only in case of criminal suspicion right ? I think we got the same in Europe, and well, I don't think it's more of a threat, since the data are only decrypted to the authorities, and this is targeted.

    What's threatening with the US bill is that they want to strip away encryption completely, so any stupid hacker/stalker/government can do whatever the hell they want with your data, since they can see and modify everything.
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    @CodeTalker for now anyway.

    Yea similar to UK, but what's to stop them going further with another law amendment?

    US seems to be going all in though rather then baby steps.
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    @C0D4 Yeah you're right, can always be worse

    They're taking the buldozer with virus news acting as a smoke screen, hopefully peoples will see through that
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    The good news is it won't go anywhere. They're not going to focus on non-critical legislation at this point in time. It would have to be introduced, voted on and pass both houses.

    Petition is still a good idea to make sure the congressional knuckle draggers are aware though.
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    Thanks to things like the patriot act you can detain anyone without due process. It is actually a crime to seek legal counsel if they invoke this. So no, your freedom and your privacy are at the whim of douche bags in washington (in USA at least).

    Fun fact, a version of the patriot act is trying to be ramrodded through congress right now. It is called the freedom act or some bullshit. Lawmakers are trying to use this crisis to push this through. I hope the orange one is smart enough to veto this.
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