I'm from New Zealand, and was working in the business side of things but really wanted to learn more tech. Saw a course in the states I really wanted to do, spoke to the admissions person and they said I can initially do a 4 week course then a 8 week bootcamp. Decided I would go but turns out I needed more "experience" when I spoke to one of the instructors.

Was super disappointed I had travelled all the way to America only to be denied a place, but the same instructor said if I did all the tasks she gave me I could get in. 2 years later I'm a full time dev and will never go back.

Really appreciate my instructors belief in me to go the next step, my life would be so different (and empty) if it weren't for her!

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    Know that feeling, thanks for sharing the good vibe., my teacher helped me to switch from sport study program to languages program. Even I had 45% percent on the test, she said you have 51% I see that you are good. Officially you didn't pass but I made it for you.
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    Are you still in NZ? Great to see some more Kiwi devs on here :)
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    @iDanoo potentially moving back from London soon!
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