While developing whatever website that uses Boostrap, my boss always says:
"PLEASE JUST USE BOOTSTRAP CLASSES to make it easier for everyone else to actually operate on that after you're done"

I'm now working on a project started by him and OMG the mess.

The only bootstrap classes he's using are col-* and text-*, the rest is all custom classes like nopad, which is the equivalent of p-0 m-0.

I mean, I might get you use less bytes writing nopad, but be consistent with what you say

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    Bootstrap is such a conceptual mess based on gross misunderstanding how HTML and CSS are supposed to go together that it doesn't matter anyway.

    Class names for padding and margin are totally stupid no matter whether they are from Bootstrap or self-rolled.
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    Since when is Vanilla CSS Clean? I have never seen a single large project with easily maintainable vanilla css.
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    @don-rager well, bootstrap hold most of the most common things you might need, so I usually just make a few extra classes, not a 18kb file with custom CSS for a single page website
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    @ZioCain There's no reason why even a large website should have much more than maybe 32k of minified CSS, and if people already fail at dealing with just 18k of declarative code, they shouldn't be developing anything in the first place.

    Those massive shitshows with ridiculous 500k of CSS are a landfill anyway.
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    You know, modern frameworks will compile component specific css inclusive of module contextual styles and lazy load them. They'll also remove them from memory when they're not needed.
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    Dude Your Boss is right
    Think deep
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    @0fffh what do you mean?
    Should I use as much of the framework library as I possibly could or should I make everything up?
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