Why the fuck don't you provision and configure the cloud virtual machine yourself, "web lead" guy who uses fucking WINDOWS to develop software? Why don't you install Webmin and PHPMyAdmin in the VM yourself if you like GUIs so much? Why do I have to configure Apache and MySQL and fix all sorts of little issues for your project just so you can use some shitty CMS? I'm not your fucking IT support guy. Go learn how to use Unix, take responsibility for your shit, and let me spend my time actually developing software.

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    A dev is only as good as his tools.
    A dev environment is only as good as the replication of production.

    You can use Windows all you want, I know I do, but if you don't have a Windows server, you are not developing in the same eco system unless you build a vm/docker that hosts the dev environment.

    Windows is not the problem here, this dev just a lazy fuck.
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    Maybe he has done it hundreds of times and therefore he is the lead, so he doesn't have to do it now, but you do, because he told you. So man up, as you fight your way up to the top. Noone said it will be easy and you always have choice, to quit and find something else, more in your comfort zone. Or stay, because it might be worth it, all your choice...
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    you forgot to bitch about CPanel too.
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    @C0D4 It is not working on my system
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    @Mareceing what's not? Vm / docker?
    Disabled hyper vision
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    @b02mne dude, he's never done it before, he's only regarded as "web lead" because he's the one with the most Web experience having a total of one real project (fraught with bad practices) which he developed in WAMP and then had me deploy in some VM.
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    @nururururu then relax, he won't last long. P. S. I'd be worried about the company as well
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    @b02mne indeed, good note here! You may say our situations with author are a bit same: I was working for 4 months on such excuse of a company, which has "lead" accepting infinite calls, throwing responsibilities aside, but it's easily seen when company itself is a root of evil. Threw people because no much money left...
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