Programming has taught me that time is a valuable and under appreciated resource.

if a task is repeated multiple times per week / month, you have at your finger tips the ability to automate the hell out of it and let your computer deal with the task instead.

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    When I first started working on Tryton last year, there used to be a couple of commands I had to write before executing the server. I got so irritated at one time that I wrote a shell script automating the whole process. My boss saw that and got pissed with me and said "Write the commands as is and don't use the script. That way you will understand the commands by heart". A few months later, tired by writing those commands again and again, I got so pissed that not only did I write a more elaborate script than the previous one, I turned it into a command with arguments by using a symbolic link. Heck, I even wrote a manual for it.
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