I work in a consulting firm.

I started right after graduation. I entered with candy glasses. Thinking is all well and ready to climb the ladder.

I entered as a junior developer.

On my first project, i am constantly belittled by my team lead. To the extent i suffer from ptsd.

On my second project, i am the only dev. I am amaze i manage to handle all the development job by myself for a year. Still i get nasty comments from my boss. Despite i am able to deliver on time.

On my third project. i left due to office politics.

Currently i am in my fourth project. The code is complete mess. The development environment is crappy. It doesn't reflect change right away.

My passion has dried up.

I'm seriously giving thoughts, should i switch career path.

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    Thanks for your kind reply!

    I love coding, which was the reason i got myself into working as a developer.

    I enjoyed working on personal projects. In fact i can work on them all day.

    Staring at disgusting code, at my workplace. With unrealistic deadlines, really got me asking myself. What have i done to deserve this karma.

    Is true, the problem are the people.
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    This going to be me in a few months.
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    Tell them to go fuck themselves and quit like you should have a long time ago?
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    Consulting is fraud anyways.
    switch companies :)
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    Sometimes its worth telling the boss exactly how much crap really is in that code. And sometimes cleaning up takes much more time than stating it over on a clean slate.

    Clean slate is fun in that you set the quality standard.

    The old stuff may be bloated by years of adding on, going clean slate can simplify it alot and often be more secure.

    Its a risky step. But when starting up a project its worth looking if its worth working on it or if it would be better to burn it all and start over.

    If you do successfully pull off a clean slate its majour + rep. But in the flip side if you nes it up its pretty much gg and go find new job..

    But if the code is so bad that you dont want to poke at it. Then starting over is a real good option
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    Thank you for your reply!

    I wanted to, i had a contract. Initially. I even had moments where i broke down. Totally.

    It was between my grad school and the company. I got belittle so badly. I broke down during meeting. When my supervisor told me i had bugs the next day.

    The previous day i rush that piece of work out till 4am.

    The experience i had in the company. Completely change my personality.
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    I would love to hear your experience!
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    On the third day, in the job. I told my boss no offense. But the code in the project is a complete mess.

    I had asked the boss. Is there a possiblity, of a revamp?

    The boss replied no, the client are not willing to pay nor does the project has the resources to do a revamp.

    I'm pretty much screwed.
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    @matwx well he said no because you asked like there was a choice in the matter.
    next time just tell them you have to do clean slate because the code is just unsecure everywhere and theres no other option.
    The boss will then just have to break it to the client
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    @silviuon4 well u$d moved in our favor, you're welcome on the Big $ @nswer!!#!!
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