Decided to install new CentOS to prepare for Red Hat exams.
a) had to disable VirtualBox Audio and USB otherwise it got stuck during boot (lvm2 masking did not help)
b) First command - "dnf update". Crashed in middle of the process and completely screwed dnf/yum (TWICE!). Went through just fine when executed from runlevel 3.

So far it held up to the name Enterprise Linux because this is the exact out of box clusterfuck I would expect from a corporate.

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    Centos (pre 8) is the most stable distro I've ever used.
    With the reviews around 8... I don't know wtf IBM are doing to our precious OS.

    If you don't need 8, install 7 and it just works out of the box.
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    @C0D4 True, I haven't had such issues when i worked with 6 and 7 before. Guess this will go on "the newer is always better" rant-list.
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