Manager: I'm so sorry to say but your collegue A has passed away yesterday afternoon. There will obviously be flowers etc and we'll try to support her family as much as we can..

Me: Oh, no. My deepest condolences. (I'm always bad at saying much in situations like this, but)

B: My gosh! So does this mean A's family also caught it??!? (Corona)

Manager: She died in a car accident.

Also how unfortunate. Due to the lockdown, a ton of the people use the roads as a racing track around here...

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    Sorry to hear that man
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    Rest in peace in pieces
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    It's interesting the automatic assumption is virus. People die every day.
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    @theKarlisK Yikes. I'm also starting to see cyclists emerging though so far it has only been car races. Saddest thing is that she was on foot.
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    @Nanos Uuh, huh?
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    @Nanos All I was told is that "she crossed the road at a place where she would several times a week and a car that was going at a crazy high speed hit her" :/
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