Hello devrant, I have a question:

What can you tell me about cybersecurity? is it worthwhile? I mean, could I get a nice job with it? Where should I begin to start learning about it?

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    Answering a question with a question:

    1) Where do you live?
    2) What do you want to do within cyber security?
    3) What do you already know?
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    Oh, I see. I didn't know it was like that. thanks for the answer man
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    @Stuxnet I'm from Argentina and I clearly know nothing. I thought it was like a security work but I wasn't expecting it to be so complex
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    Reminds me of the "security expert" we had assigned to us from forgerock.

    SE: "These rules don't feel right because there's an odd number of rules. There are always even pairs of rules."

    Moi: "Wut?"

    SE: "There should always be a rule to deny and a rule to allow."

    Moi: "You want two-way rulesets? Seems like they'd cancel each other out."

    SE: "No, it's just how you do it *adds allow rule*"

    Moi: *gains access to system by exploiting rule*

    SE: "Wtf how?!"

    Tl;Dr *Magnets*

    Most of the security experts I've ever worked with are complete hacks, so I definitely agree. There's some brilliant humans in the field, few of them do pen testing for a living.
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    @theKarlisK ur answer helped me out, thank you pal :)
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    Everyone is a fucking home inspector ­čÜČ
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    @SortOfTested ok so that explains why the security team at my company has some real fucking winners on it
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    I have worked in cyber security and here are my 2 cents. Major thing you need for this field is Patience and a stable mind. No, I know this feels cliché... But I have worked as a Dev too and have felt that CyberSec is much more brain-tearing shit hits the fan. You spend hours on 100 tests to find 1 bug, while worrying every moment that you're missing something that can be exploited.
    Not all things are gloomy - passion is required.
    Suggestions - go to specific cyber sec field from a CS or IT background. Like, if you're a Web Dev move to Web App Sec... From IT move to SecOps... Like that. A solid industry knowledge of things you gonna protect helps.. Else you'll remain as a script-kiddie or tools-kiddie.
    CyberSec world moves very fast and you can't afford to stay not updated. There's no all-inclusive book you can read up, you have to follow various blogs, sites, forums, etc. It's demanding and it's fun when you're passionate about it.
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    @theKarlisK Thanks for the words KarlisK, and for the info. I'll definitely see what I can do.
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    Cybersecurity 101, someone breaks in, you're in trouble. You prevent a break in, nobody ever finds out.
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