Aren't you, software engineer, ashamed of being employed by Apple? How can you work for a company that lives and shit on the heads of millions of fellow developers like a giant tech leech?
Assuming you can find a sounding excuse for yourself, pretending its market's fault and not your shitty greed that lets you work for a company with incredibly malicious product, sales, marketing and support policies, how can you not feel your coders-pride being melted under BILLIONS of complains for whatever shitty product you have delivered for them?
Be it a web service that runs on 1980 servers with still the same stack (cough cough itunesconnect, membercenter, bug tracker, etc etc etc etc) incompatible with vast majority of modern browsers around (google at least sticks a "beta" close to it for a few years, it could work for a few decades for you);
be it your historical incapacity to build web UI;
be it the complete lack of any resemblance of valid documentation and lets not even mention manuals (oh you say that the "status" variable is "the status of the object"? no shit sherlock, thank you and no, a wwdc video is not a manual, i don't wanna hear 3 hours of bullshit to know that stupid workaround to a stupid uikit api you designed) for any API you have developed;
be it the predatory tactics on smaller companies (yeah its capitalism baby, whatever) and bending 90 degrees with giants like Amazon;
be it the closeness (christ, even your bugtracker is closed and we had to come up with openradar to share problems that you would anyway ignore for decades);
be it a desktop ui api that is so old and unmaintained and so shitty, but so shitty, that you made that cancer of electron a de facto standard for mainstream software on macos;
be it a IDE that i am disgusted to even name, xcrap, that has literally millions of complains for the same millions of issues you dont even care to answer to or even less try to justify;
be it that you dont disclose your long term plans and then pretend us to production-test and workaround-fix your shitty non-production ready useless new OS features;
be it that a nervous breakdown on a stupid little guy on the other side of the planet that happens to have paid to you dozens of thousands of euros (in mandatory licences and hardware) to actually let you take an indecent cut out of his revenues cos there is no other choice in a monopoly regime, matter zero to you;
Assuming all of these and much more:
How can you sleep at night with all the screams of the devs you are exploiting whispering in you mind? Are all the money your earn worth?

** As someone already told you elsewhere, HAVE SOME FUCKING PRIDE, shitty people AND WRITE THE FUCKING DOCS AND FIX THE FUCKING BUGS you lazy motherfuckers, your are paid more than 99.99% of people on earth, move your fucking greasy little fingers on that fucking keyboard. **

PT2: why the fuck did you remove the ESC key from your shitty keyboards you fuckshits? is it cos autocomplete is slower than me searching the correct name of a function on stackoverflow and hence ESC key is useless? at least your hardware colleagues had the decency of admitting their error and rolling back some of the uncountable "questionable "hardware design choices (cough cough ...magic mouse... cough golden charging cables not compatible with your own devices.. cough )?

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    Totally feel you
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    That's Apple in a nutshell: shoddy, overpriced and crippled products, living on marketing the hype of past days.
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    @molaram Do realize that there are quite some phones for which custom ROM support is good!

    I use an android phone with a custom ROM without google services which is completely locked down and I've got root control so...
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    Are you an XCode dev using a Macbook?
    Yes: You are part of the problem.
    No: It isn't your problem and the Apple users and devs want it that way - as you can see by them still buying Apple products and writing XCode.
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    @Oktokolo To be honest i used to like the undestroyable macbooks pro. As much as i used to some aspects of the company. But i had not work and based my career off their services for more than 10 years at the time.
    That quite changes perspective. And now i find myself to have to decide wether to quit this business and thrash half of my life in experience, or continue to poison my liver with grudge while i try to carry on.

    Beside this, no, i am not part of the problem. I write doc, i develop stuff i am mostly proud of. I need to distribute this shit tho. And there is not much choice you know? But all i am asking is TO WRITE THE FUCKING DOCUMENTATION. I can deal with all the business crap and the rest, i can deal with legacy and unmaintained software. Its expensive i know. But you are a fucking TRILLION dollars company AND YOU SHOULD WRITE THE FUCKING DOCUMENTATION, expecially if you dont care to fix the tools. Its irrespectfull on so many levels and i dont see how am I part of it.
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    Just let go. There comes a time in life where you have to accept that punchcards and Cobol aren't fun anymore.
    So you either move on and trash that experience - or you live a miserable life till the bitter end.

    And no, your ranting will not change Apple as long as you (and lots of others) keep buying. In a market economy, buying is voting. Every purchase is a "Yes"!

    Say "No"!
    Don't buy a notebook without a proper Esc key, if you don't want one.
    Don't invest more precious time into XCode just because you have done so in the past.
    You might not be able to change Apple. But you surely are able to change yourself.
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    You do realize that you typed the one that shall not be named in your username right? The very place of naming 😅
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    @hjk101 Its "namespaced". its fine. XD
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    @molaram shouldn't you by this logic never employe anyone, who has worked for any big tech company? Like Google, MS, IBM, etc
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    @molaram on the topic of phone, I believe purism is moving into distribution phase of their open sourced Linux phone ;-)
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    They may be of bad intent. But i am not. So i will not buy shit just to generate work for people working at a company i don't like.
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