I have struggled with leet code two years ago when I started university and was learning programming.
Now I am finally set to have a leet code interview at a large company, followed by a take home problem and a system design problem.

I started looking into leet code again today and I feel like I could had done so much more back then if I just had some help.

Back then I made the mistake of doing leet code problems in Java since that's all I knew and it used to make many simple problems last for hours.

I want to try it out using Python this time around since I don't have to focus on every little detail when I solve the problem. The company focuses on Python, Go and JS but I don't know Go and JS well enough.

What do you think? Is it a good idea or not? Should I just try JavaScript?

Also do you have any advice for this kinds of interviews?
i think the leet code one will be the toughest.
Some suggest I should read Cracking the coding interview, but I don't see the point of doing that
Good thing is all interviews are through Zoom since it's coronavirus season.

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    Go for python. Js is suitable if you don't know any other language because the syntax is too broken rn.
    Wait python has broken syntax via the imports too...

    Go for go?
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    Leet code is pretty garbage for most languages. If you're doing algo questions, js is your best bet for not getting held up on compat issues (even if the language is sloppy af).
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