For me Jetbrains idea based IDE/editor in part does just about everything right. Only need to really change the redo shortcut. They provide a warning now so you don't lose your undo history on ctrl+y.

On console both Emacs and vim work for me. These days I prefer vim. Nano will work when I'm a pinch but the lack of undo is really annoying. Especially when the cat walks over the keyboard. You just need start all over unless you can see what he did.
Vim has vertical block so you comment/uncommented stuff real fast. The cange word and change till are also real time savers. Vi is to basic and annoying for me, rather use nano than.

Gedit works great for me when viewing or editting a file real quick.

So yeah the situation dictates what tool suites the best.

Idea is where I can spend my time the entire day so if I had to choice one that would be it.

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